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Psychotherapy to help you grow your skills, more satisfying relationships, and purpose in your life.

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French & English Bilingual services
Why Choose psychotherapy?

Some of the things that you may be experiencing and how therapy can help:

Feeling stressed, anxious, or down, out of balance, dissatisfied with your life and relationships, or ambivalent about different options or life paths? These are all part of the range of human experiences. Therapy can help change the way you respond to life’s circumstances, as well as painful thoughts and feelings. You can discover what’s important to you and how to orient your actions in a more meaningful and fulfilling direction. Psychotherapy is a place where you can explore safely and engage on the path of personal change at your own pace.

You are feeling stressed, anxious 
or controlled by adverse experiences from the past.

You are feeling stressed, anxious or controlled by adverse experiences from the past

You keep worrying about what may happen next and how it will impact you or your loved ones. You find yourself too often guided by fears that have limited your range of possibilities.  You find yourself overacting, exhausted and absent-minded. Perhaps you engage in behaviours that provide short-term gratification by relieving your stress and anxiety momentarily, but that are moving your life in the wrong direction and creating more distress in the long term.

In therapy, we take the time to understand what contributes to and maintains your anxiety or stress and get clear on what you would like to experience differently. You will learn skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively while gradually engaging in life-enhancing actions.

You are feeling defeated or depressed

You keep replaying things from the recent or far past in your head to the point where you feel defeated by your own mind. You feel disconnected from others. It has become difficult to envision a life that feels joyful and satisfying. You even struggle to enjoy the parts of your life that you know are good and have worked so hard for, as you are focused on your perceived flaws and the things about life and people that you don’t have any control over.

There is hope. You can create new possibilities for yourself by developing a different focus and learning skills that will allow you to shift towards a more balanced fulfilling direction.

If you are feeling depressed or defeated.

You are unsettled by a life transition or a loss

Maybe you are going through a life transition that was predictable and planned, or one that was suddenly imposed on you. Perhaps you have experienced the loss of someone important or something that really mattered to you. Any major life transition or loss requires us to adapt and sometimes redefine ourselves or our relationships in ways we often could not have prepared for.

In therapy, you find a safe and comfortable place to share your thoughts and emotions, learn to handle intense feelings, and gradually reconnect with a sense of purpose and joy.

You are experiencing relationship difficulties

Perhaps you find yourself stuck in negative patterns of interactions, feeling disconnected and dissatisfied in the relationship that you have chosen, or don’t know how to handle the people in your life that you have not chosen but must interact with. You wish you didn’t have to suffer the consequences of these difficult relationships, but you don’t know where and how to start on the path of positive change.

In therapy, we look at what isn’t working in your relationships, and you can grow new skills, perspectives and strengths that will help you handle inevitable relationship challenges more effectively.

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About me,
Christine Mercure, M.Ps.

I am a psychologist, registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I provide services to individual adults living in Calgary and across Alberta.  I offer sessions both online and in-person. I am passionate about my work and feel privileged to walk along my client’s paths as they discover or rediscover their strengths and resources, gain insights and self-understanding, build new skills, and ultimately move toward a more satisfying way of living.

I am French/English bilingual and have the pleasure to offer services in both languages. I have over 18 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy. Throughout my years of practice, I have worked with clients in various settings and have helped them with a range of difficulties. These include anxiety, stress management, depression, the effects of trauma and other adverse life experiences, relationship difficulties, grief, life transitions, relationship to food, body image related concerns and sleep disturbances. My professional experiences combined with extensive and continuous professional training provides the flexibility to adapt to each client’s unique needs. I strive to support client’s empowerment in life, as well as in the therapeutic process. I work collaboratively by regularly seeking client feedback to ensure sessions are helpful and on track with identified goals.

Christine Mercure - Psychologist | Psychologue

I use a combination of therapeutic approaches to best serve my client’s needs.

Here are some of the main models of therapy that I use and have trained in:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFIT)
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The first step towards psychotherapy

If you are considering psychotherapy for the first time, it is normal to feel nervous or unsure. I strive to make first contacts with clients as easy and warm as possible. I always conduct a short phone call (about 15 minutes) with new clients to make sure that I can be the right therapist to help before we both commit to a full initial session. I also take the time necessary to answer questions that potential clients may have, as I believe that it is important to feel empowered in your search for a therapist.

When I believe that someone’s needs might be better served by another therapist with different qualifications and expertise, I do my best to provide appropriate referrals.

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In-person and/or online individual psychotherapy services for adults in Calgary and across Alberta.

I am French/English bilingual and offer services in both languages.

Sessions & Fees

My current rate is $220.00 per 60-minute session, based on the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta’s recommended fee schedule. Longer or shorter sessions with prorated rates are available (30 to 90 minutes) based on the needs and circumstances of each client. You may have a benefit plan that covers all or part of services fees provided by a registered psychologist. I encourage every client to check their benefit plan at the start of the therapy process to have a clear idea of their financial commitment and capacity. Services are payable by credit card or Interac e-transfer. I currently do not direct bill insurance companies, but promptly provide receipts upon reception of payments for clients to submit their own claim.

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